Christopher Barnhill

My name is Christopher Evelyn May Barnhill and this is my story. My name is Christopher. No my mother did not want a boy and no I wasn't supposed to be a boy. I am a woman. Im not sure of my full nationality but my last name is derivative of old English spelled Baernhill, which literally means a barn on a hill. My mother was a pretty cool mom who decided to name me after the actress Christopher Norris. I am thirty-eight years old. I was born on January twenty-second, in Miami Oklahoma. I grew up in Jonesboro Arkansas most of my life. I have heard the jokes about Arkansas incest and how "dumb" we all must be. I remember most of the West Memphis three trials even though I was so young. We had also just moved to the Valley View school district the year of the Westside Middle School shootings. That same year Princess Diana had gotten into a car wreck and died. Fast forward a few years to the year I graduated high school. Most of us girls were all about getting married and starting a family. I was into all kinds of competitions for church, including poetry. I attended college briefly around the time of the twin tower bombings. Of course everyone in America was shook up and then my brother in law had to go to falugi to help fight in the war. But when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was overjoyed and put my career as an entertainer on hold to raise him. Then along came my daughter. My children were four years apart, for an unknown reason at the time. I later found out I had polycystic ovarian syndrome which can cause infertility as well as depression and obesity. I also might have a touch of adhd. We found out later on that my son was adhd and he had a lot of problems throughout school because of it. When he was fifteen he decided to take himself off of the adderall and started smoking weed. That is why I am such a medical marijuana advocate. The adderall and concerta and anything else that we had tried was causing even more anger issues so he decided he wouldn't take them anymore. Books have always been my escape from the real world because we all know the real world can get kind of sucky. I am a firm believer in human rights in general and freedom of choice because why not? When I found out poetry was "back in style" I decided to try writing again. What inspired me? My son started telling me interesting facts that were happening and said to write about it so I put it in Poetic form. Then hit on an idea to do something a little bit unique and started writing art through poetry. I get occasional writers block but my stories are not finished. Thank you for taking the time to listen! Yours truly,

CB 3/31/2021

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