Halloween Friends

I remember my seventh Halloween, it was the year I met my best friends.

The year I learn a few things, one does not eat a whole sack of candy before supper. The other thing is someone different they can still find friends.

The year was nineteen eighty-five, I hated school. I was a thin shy girl with a speech impediment that made friends extremely hard. I remember being made to wear an old dress that was too big for me. I had to be a Cinderella. I wanted to be Michaelangelo's teenage ninja turtle. But I was told I could not, because I was a girl.

I remember going to school that day knowing I was going to be made fun of, sure enough I was. During our recess that Halloween morning, I met the new girl and her sisters. There were four of them. Amber, Amanda, Andrea, and Adriane.

Amber was in grade above me, Amanda was in the same grade. Andrea and Adriane were in a grade below me.

That morning like many, the Yancy twins and their buddies were making fun of the way I was dressed, and how I talk. The Abram sisters came to my rescue. That evening we five girls went trick or treating together. We each had a big pillowcase to put our candy in. We all five spent that night with an upset tummy. We dare each other we could eat it all. I can't remember which one of us that won that dare. I was too busy puking it up. Even though we live in different states now, we are still friends.

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