Nicole Barnes

As teenagers, we were beyond trick or treating. We decided to get a group of friends together to go see a movie instead. We live in small town SC, so the closest theater was an hour away past a well-known historical site, Old Sheldon Church. Let’s fast forward to the ride home. We had heard so many stories about stopping at the church ruins after dark, more specifically midnight. Being teens, we thought we’d get a kick out of it. My cousin pulled off the road and we all got out of the car. It’s pitch black to the point where you can’t see your feet. We took a few steps into the church grounds and just listened. By this point we were all wound tight waiting on something to happen. After about ten minutes we heard a loud crack and saw a flash of light up near the top of the ruins. Our first reaction was to run back to the car and get out of there, but the car wouldn’t crank. The clock read midnight exactly. We struggled to get it to crank, which finally happened at 12:01. That one minute was the longest ever. We took off as fast as we could and never looked back. To this day I’ll stop and walk around there during daylight hours, but if it’s dark I’ll take the long way home.

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