Real Friends

Real Friends. When I was 7 years old my mom introduced me to a girl who I didn’t know would be my best friend for the next 8 years. She was always by my side no matter what, and everyone in school knew we were inseparable. Start of highschool, she moved. She started doing drugs and partying, and I had no idea who she was anymore. Ever since then, I have come nowhere near developing that trusting, loving, and fun friendship that was like no other. For those 8 years, I didn’t value how lucky I was to have such a genuine and loyal friend. I didn’t value those sleepovers that we had every weekend or going out to her lake house once a month. I didn’t realize that most people may not ever in their entire lifetime develop such a strong friendship with someone. By the time you get to high school, everyone’s different. Everyone’s more fake. When you’re young you can’t be fake, you say what you think, and you act without thinking. You’re not two-faced like those high school freshmen walking around. You’re not insecure like those sophomores in the hallways. You’re not judgemental like those Juniors at the table in the corner over there. And you’re not all of those things like a senior. When you grow up with someone, you can’t be fake. You’ve known each other for so long that it’s just physically impossible. Real friends are so rare now, that when you do make one, you don’t realize it until they’ve turned into someone else. Turned into all of those other girls that are insecure, judgemental, and two-faced.

Not when, but if I ever make another genuinely real friend, I will cherish them like no other. I won’t let that friendship turn into something where you see them in the hallways and you feel like you’re looking at someone you don’t know. Or where you’re to the point where you think about them every day only to realize the person that you’ve been hung up on is who they used to be. Or even to the point where you’ve completely lost who they are and are crying at night wondering if they’re safe or even alive. No, I will never let that happen again.

-Vierka Martin

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