The Night at Old Wisconsin

I was driving beyond the speed limit on that dreary night, aloof and haughty. So what if it was Halloween night, I didn’t drop a care. Neither I was a cheeky kid looking forward to a spooktacular trick or treat, neither a jubilant teenager, rising sharp in a costume. I was a middle aged man tired of life’s vagaries and loneliness. That night I was speeding in the chilly winds of October traveling through old Wisconsin. But suddenly as I leaped beyond the crossroads into a dark alley, my car broke down. In the middle of nowhere, I was stuck inside my dark chamber. Oil was just changed, petrol and tire pressure had been filled up and neither the engine was hot, but still the machine wouldn’t budge. I finally put back my hat and gloves and came out to check the bonnet, And lo…. I realize that I’m in front of a graveyard, a cemetery. Winds whooshing in cold spirits, setting the autumn leaves free to take a last soar. Though I’m not a scaredy-cat but started growing apprehensive, of the whole situation. What- ifs started racing my mind! Goose pimples started piercing me in the rattling air and my frightened imagination got better of my sensibilities. What should I do now? Not a car in sight! Poor Mobile connectivity and even the visibility started getting dimmer in the up roaring fog. And before I could plan my next cognitive move, a loud sinister laugh echoed in the dark, piercing the nights eerie silence. I shrieked in fear. I was scared, and wanted to pee in my pants and cry for help. The disguised laugh emerged again and kept playing like a tape recorder from an unknown source. I quickly ran to seek shelter inside my car, already shivering with fear and cold. I trying calling someone for help but instead my mobile rang in a loud ringtone. It rang and rang …… and I was awoken from my sleep? What? I had been dreaming all this while and drooling on my pillow in disbelief. My Mobil was still ringing frantically. I picked it up and an unfamiliar voice at the other end told me” Sir, your car has been repaired and ready for the pick up”.

What? When did I drop my car for a repair? The voice at the other end disconnected the call. The home screen showed “ Halloween day”!! My palpitations increased and head started throbbing!!

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